Terms and Conditions

White30 Terms of Service


We provide Do It Yourself Teeth Whitening Treatment, using inorganic solvent and state-of-the-art LED device. The purpose of our treatment is to remove stains, aid and improve teeth whitening; not to provide dental advice or treatment. Individuals seeking to achieve whiter teeth than original color, are recommended to seek treatment with dental professionals. 

The effect of teeth whitening treatment may vary depending on the individual as per session; and there is no guarantee that the effect may work for each individual party. Due to the nature of teeth whitening that applies photocatalysis, it only changes the color of your teeth closer to their original color, and removes stains. Thus, your teeth will not be any whiter than their original color. Improvement in color tone may not be expected, due to, antibiotics, metals or discoloration of teeth without nerves. You may experience patches or lines on your teeth for the first few sessions due to the progression stages of whitening your teeth but the patches will fade away throughout the following hours and/or days.

Clients’ Personal Information

We require your personal information as identification purpose, when using our service, and shall not disclose any of the information to a third party without your consent. Upon signing this, you agree to White30 to use and disclose your personal information for White30 marketing material, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and our data protection policy. 

Customer’s Responsibilities:

You SHALL NOT undergo White30 treatment, if you:

  • – have temporomandibular joint arthritis
  • – are allergic, especially to metals, titanium, and latex 
  • – have photosensitivity disorder
  • – are breastfeeding, pregnant or have signs of pregnancy
  • – feel that there is abnormality in the teeth or in the body
  • – have had complications/problems with teeth whitening before or until now
  • – have treatment from other dental clinics. 

During the treatment, please alert the Staff
immediately, if:

  • – you feel that there is pain or abnormality in the teeth and/or in the body
  • – the LED light causes discomfort, and you feel any headaches or dizziness.

Terms of Use;

  • – The treatment will not be as effective if the teeth with the inorganic solvent applied do not receive the light. Make sure not to shift the light during the treatment and restrain from adjusting your body position whilst on reclining chair.
  • – Saliva may get accumulated inside the mouth during treatment, so do exercise caution when removing mouth guard.

Treatment Session Terms & Conditions:

  • – Any treatment session/packages are to be paid, before or after the treatment, and it is Non-refundable. 


  • 1. White30 minimum age for treatment is 16 years old.
  • 2. The treatment will not work effectively on discoloration of material due to aging in false teeth, dentures, filling.
  • 3. The treatment removes the dirt on the surface, and the hidden discoloration of the original teeth may be exposed, however, it is not due to teeth whitening treatment.
  • 4. White30 shall not be held any responsibility and shall not be liable, at any circumstances, for any injury, damage or loss that may occur from the use of its facilities and services.