Natural Whitening

Self Teeth Whitening | Japanese Technique

Natural Whitening

Self Teeth Whitening
Japanese Technique


Compared to normal teeth whitening offered at a dental clinic, our price is very affordable!

No Dietary Regulation Neccesary

Dietary regulation is not necessary; no need to avoid certain foods that cause tooth  discolouration.

Quick & Easy

It only takes 30 minutes per session.

Painless Procedure

No pain or burning sensation during or after the procedure.

Restore Natural Whiteness

Only stains and plague is removed from the tooth’s surface so your teeth regains its natural white colour – it is not bleached!

Safe & Secure

No strong chemicals are used, only a safe-to-consume inorganic compound commonly found in food, titanium oxide, is used. 

The solvent we use in the treatment contains an ingredient called titanium oxide. Titanium oxide is an inorganic compound used widely in food and cosmetic products and is safe for consumption.

By applying LED light emitted from a special device to this solvent, a photocatalyst effect is triggered which removes stains on the tooth’s surface and allows the tooth to regain its original colour.

In addition, removing stains will even out the tooth’s surface, making the teeth shiny and smooth.

Stains & Plaque

Stains and plaque is formed on the surface of your teeth from the decomposition of food and the accumulation of bacteria over time.


The White30 whitening solvent is applied to the teeth to disinfect and remove stains.


The LED light of White30 thoroughly removes stains through a photocatalyst effect and eliminates all traces of them from your mouth.

Protective Coating

The titanium oxide coating of White30 will protect your teeth from future stains after the treatment.

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